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Athens 8th to 17th March 2019
We Celebrate The 38th Anniversary of Chamber Music Holidays
 Starting in 1982 in London and continuing in 21 different places.

Chamber Music Holidays and Festivals in Athens offers unique possibilities for music lovers, listeners and players from all over the world. This is the first year we are organizing a most interesting and exciting holiday in Athens in March. There has been some advance publicity about this new venue and this has created considerable interest, including old friends we have not seen for a few years. Do join us in one of the Cultural Capitals of Europe and certainly one of the most Historic cities in the World. 

Come alone or with friends, world class concerts with our opening concert by the world famous pianist Piers Lane and chamber music concerts by leading Czech and Greek musicians. Chamber music players are welcome and will enjoy the special coaching while others may enjoy listening. Our hotel is in the Plaka area with superb views of the Acropolis which is just 400 meters away. Sightseeing is a highlight as is the sociable atmosphere with the professional musicians and international group enjoying delicious meals in a variety of interesting places. 

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We started in 1982 in London
and continue in 21 different countries.